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The KEÏLI shop offers delicious meals, rich in colors, textures, and taste. All of our recipes are homemade with organic fruits and vegetables, grains, legumes, fermented pickles, nuts, seeds, herbs, spices and wild sprouts.  


At KEÏLI, there are no hidden ingredients; only whole foods. We do not use modified low fat or zero fat products, no refined or processed foods, no additives or preservatives. We value whole foods, the way the earth has provided them. At KEÏLI, we cook honest "real' food, so that you always know what you are eating. 

At KEÏLI, the concept is simple: "Real food for Healthy People, Healthy Food for Real People".  It's a cycle: when we eat health supportive foods, we feel better. When we take care of ourselves, we honor ourselves through eating real foods that matter.



We value the American welcome with a big smile ! It is fundamental to us that everyone who walks through our door feels our positive energy and has a good time while visiting. We are so excited and happy to cook for you!  

At KEÏLI, we share our love for food and vegetables not only through our cuisine, but also through our teams. The KEÏLI teams are our ambassadors, the heart of KEÏLI.  They believe in our philosophy of health supportive cooking, our plant-based focused cuisine, and good vibes, and embody it on a daily basis.

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Our approach is global and 360 °. Together let's take care of our planet!


We work with quality suppliers with organic products sourced as locally as possible.  


We deliver by bike! Our KEILI DAILY deliveries of company lunches are made with bicycle couriers to minimize our impact on the environment.


We select the disposable packaging with the least impact on the planet 100% biodegradable made from recycled materials and limit its use as much as possible. We also encourage our customers in the KEILI shop to come with their own cups or containers to take their drinks or specials of the day.  


We recycle as much as possible the products and packaging used within the KEILI shop and advocate an agile use of our raw materials to limit food waste.  

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Our food is healthy, colorful, and packed with energy rich ingredients that nourish body and mind. Our cuisine is based on a selection of fresh, whole, and seasonal ingredients with a focus on plant-based foods.  Each meal is a delicate balance of textures and colors, using organic grains, vegetables, eggs, and seeds to provide delicious healthy comfort food for everyday enjoyment.

Some of our recipes are revealed in our Happy & Veggie cookbook published by Marabout. 


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